Creator Group Holding

We build products

for creators

and influencers

in the creator economy

We build products for creators and influencers in the creator economy

The Creator economy is a software-facilitated economy that allows creators to earn revenue from their creations.

We help people being able to use technology to create in new ways, and then being able to share and monetize those creations.

The creator economy

There are 50 million

content creators

More than 50 million people around the world consider themselves creators – everybody who creates content on Social Media for creative or monetizing purposes.

What we do

We build solutions for

creators & influencers

Creating Products

We develop the best possible digital software products for creators, influencers & people in the creator economy. We deliver e-learning software, payment software, marketing courses and knowledge – you get the results.

Usoftware builds a custom software team based on your requirements, allowing you to get involved in the interview, selection, and negotiation process. Manages the team's financial, legal, and operational logistics during a period in which you get to test out the team. In the last 5 years, uSoftware built custom teams ranging from team leads and single engineers to up to hundreds of engineers for larger companies. Clients range from Virgin mobile, Careem, Wio Bank, Brands For Less and Washmen.

We produce bold marketing ideas, implement strategic digital performance sales processes, and train Marketing Professionals and Enterprise Marketing Teams to optimize their digital acquisition channels for maximum returns on their marketing investments. is a place where users can build, own and monetize their social media experience.

CopeCart helps you simplify your business digitally. As a reseller, we automate invoicing for you, collect unpaid invoices and increase your sales through conversion optimized checkouts. With smart analytics, no-code-integrations and a one-click-shop you benefit from our all-in-one solution. Sell within 2 minutes.

The member area and employee training for companies. Offer online courses, coaching programs, and other memberships and maximize your client value through a unique experience. Integrate seamless your sales and employee onboarding process in your existing systems and monitor the progress of each student. Designed to provide maximum legal compliance.

With LearningSuite, you build your own branded learning academy and use it to educate your clients, employees or coaching participants. You provide your users with a premium experience that is immediately understood and fun to create and learn content from.

The first CRM system with setter-closer principle. Increase your sales through the combination of high beat rate and optimal structuring with an intelligent pipeline-system optimized for cold calling & online marketing funnels.

Being Creative

As a specialized Production Powerhouse we shape audiences worldwide with our influencer partners.

Viral marketing campaigns

Since 9+ years we develop, create and run some of the most profitable campaigns in the market. You've probably seen some huge campaigns from us.

Scaling big ideas

Reaching the critical mass and scaling big ideas at an exponential rate, changing beliefs and creating leaders in the markets, they are operating in.

Creating powerful content

With compelling copy, attention-grabbing creatives and cohesive branding we produce winning results using brand leverage and performance advertising.

Our Mission


Nowadays, it is easier than 15 years ago to become a creator and reach a wide audience. Therefore we want to develop the best tools for this. We believe in 4 pillars:

1. Helping you create

We serve creators with our huge knowledge and their specific needs. Learn how to create powerful, eye-catching content that influences your target audience.

2. Growing your audience

Create impactful and high-converting organic content to reach a bigger audience on the most important social media networks as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

3. Give you freedom

We focus on making your creator life easier, so that you can focus on creating content. From automating bureaucratic tasks to data-driven marketing and productivity through processes, systems & strategies.

4. Monetize your audience

There are a lot of ways you can directly and indirectly monetize your audience – we got you covered: Sell online within minutes and increase your sales.


Shaping the creator economy

We are always looking for the brightest and most creative talents – join our 160+ employees in 9+ companies on 3 different continents on our journey to deliver the best services worldwide.

230+ Employees

More than 160+ employees from 20+ different nations are working for the Creator Group in multiple offices and remotely worldwide.

3 Continents

Our offices and employees are currently on 3 different continents, as Europe, USA and Asia.

"Now is the time of the creator economy! We understand modern technology. We love to analyze and work with data. But we are also highly creative. We create modern art by utilizing our individual ideas with the power of technology. We learn and execute faster, systemize better, create our ideas into the real world with the help of digital platforms. We grew up with bicycles and gamecubes. We understand both worlds, the old and the new one. The only limit is our mind and our own power to visualize and believe of what we are capable of building. Now is the time to believe, create and watch our dreams turn into reality🦾✍️"
Raoul Plickat

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